Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cinco De Mayo! Get Up To 20% Off On Everything!

Cinco De Mayo is celebrated on 5th May in Mexico, United States. Mostly rejoice in the state of Puebla, Where it is known as The Day of The Battle Of Puebla. To celebrate this day, Tres Amigos World Imports offers Discount on everything you purchase. Company offers 15% Off on Accessories and 20% Off on Furniture.

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Various Patterns Of Talavera Tiles

Talavera tile comes in hundreds of patterns. They are hand painted in Mexico and come in so many designs and colors it is hard to choose a favorite. There are many designs for Talavera tiles like kokopelli, sun designs, coyote; geckos etc. These tiles are some of the globally popular tiles available in the world.

Tucson Talavera Pottery A Globally Popular Home Decor Item

Talavera Pottery Tucson: Talavera potteries from Tucson are globally popular and known for its style and artistic look. These type of pottery products are really nice for its color’s and style and really known for its durability which make popular not only in U.S.A. , but in the entire world.

Various Variety And Style Of Talavera Planters

Talavera planters add a stylish look, while providing a decorative planter for your favorite plants. Talavera  planters are available as window boxes, animal shape planters, square planters; wall planters, garden planters and many other wide varieties of planters are available for everyone  to buy that from any online home decor stores.

Create A Truly Inspiring Atmosphere With Southwest Style Furniture

Southwest furniture has a bright, cozy feel. The colors are warm, earth tones so guests tend to  feel welcome and comfortable. The living rooms in this style tend to be good for playing games or talking; the colors of this furniture stimulate action and conversation, so it should be use this in a room where the atmosphere is truly inspiring.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Guest Sweeeet

This entire guest suite is only $1099. it's cheap, but only the price. These items are 100% solid pine wood and the accents are forged iron. All hand assembled. Regular price is $1649. You Save $550, that's a great deal. If it was any better your guests might want to overstay their welcome. Suite includes - Queen HB, nightstand, five drawer dresser and an awesome desk with iron base. Better buy it now before our buyer wakes up.

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Arts and Crafts Lanterns

Set of two iron lanterns, one featuring red translucent glass, the other featuring white translucent glass.

Item Dimensions: 15.75"H X 9.5"W X 9.5"

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Buy Wide Array Of Tuscan Style Decorative Furniture

Tuscan Style Furniture: Tuscan furniture falls under the class of old world home furniture. Yet, they're not totally limited to this category alone because they possess a timeless Mediterranean air that lightly shouts of charm, old class and refinement. The wonderful thing is, there is a wide array of Tuscan style furniture that you just can choose from for house or any office space.

Talavera An Older And Well-Known Form Of Pottery

Talavera Decor: Talavera is one of the oldest and well-known art form of pottery. But, today apart from Puebla area in Mexico when this art form has originated this Talavera decor also found in many shops outside the area, that make brightly colored Talavera pottery. These pieces are very affordable and attractive.

Give A Great Feeling In Any Home With Rustic Wood Table

Rustic Wood Table: Rustic table is good choice for those people who are looking for use their living area that allows them to display their home decor and give an extra area for all studying materials on racks. Rustic wood table is also good for dining area will have a windy and great feel for dining table and dining room chairs.

Rustic Style Furniture Creates Great Atmosphere In Any Home

Rustic Pine Table: Rustic style furniture is very comfortable and there are various themes to choose from these types of furniture. Before deciding to install rustic pine chairs and rustic pine tables, choose a particular style. Selecting hardwood floorings is really essential to exude a rustic feeling in any living room or drawing room area of any home.

Friday, April 25, 2014

CKI Morales Textured Trees Oils On Canvas

The warm neutral strokes in the Morales Textured Trees oils on canvas add life and vitality to the autumnal wood scene. Set of 2.

Item Dimensions: 30"H X 30"W

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Tuscan And Ideal Furniture To Give Old Classical Look

Tuscan Dining Table furniture is similar to those that see in one of the Tuscan farmhouses. To get your whole family together at one table for a good time, it is perfect to select Tuscan dining table which, is rectangular and long that allows everyone to move around in the same room.

Enjoy The Classical Touch With Mexican Rustic Furniture

Mexican Rustic Furniture goes a long way towards making this theme look truly rustic. Most Mexican furniture is made from wood, whether it will be inexpensive pine or denser hardwoods. The type of furniture is often ornate and crafted by hand any buyer can enjoy the classical touch of this rustic furniture.

Most Popular Home Decor Stylish Mexican Plates

Mexican Plates are among the top list of popular home decorative items. These plates are wonderful in its design and ideal for serving food to guest. Therefore, there is huge demand for this kind of stylish plates and that’s why many home decor stores sell this product.

Mexican Hand Painted Furniture An Attractive And Unique Look

Mexican Painted Furniture is basic wood chairs that easily transformed into stunning pieces of furniture with a little use of paint chairs. To create a Mexican style dining chair set, select solid wood chairs with slat or solid backs. One noticeable thing about this furniture is its design, which is surely unique and attractive.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dancers - Set of 3

Cast metal dancing statuary is perfect for a bookshelf or mantel. Set of 3.

Item Dimensions:12-13.75-14"H X 5.5-8-8.75"W X 2.75-4"

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Rustic Bench Aesthetic Appeal That Brings Out The Character Of Your Garden

Rustic Bench: Garden is surely the best place to relax if you have garden in your home. But you certainly require a perfect bench to sit in this garden area. For that a rustic bench is an ideal choice as it adds an aesthetic appeal that brings out the character of any garden as well as providing excellent place to sit and enjoy.

Great Quality Of Mexican Design With Modern Functionality

Talavera Mirror is available in various sizes in the natural finish, and can be hung vertically or horizontally. This mirror combines rich Mexican design with modern functionality to create the perfect home for Modern living. Moreover, these mirrors are best for any area of the home.

Buy Rustic Mexican Style Furniture To Give Genuine Look To Any Home

Rustic Mexican furniture can add color and originality to any home. It also exudes comfort. This furniture style gives a genuine Mexican look and feel because it is designed in the remarkable colors and patterns that are commonly found in Mexico and looks very glossy and unique.

Rustic Dresser Great Addition To Any Room

Rustic Dresser: It is a beautiful addition to any room. It provides an effective function as well. Any person wants to furnish their home or apartment, a rustic dresser item has its own charm and appeal. Depending on their individual choice any one can easily give rustic look to their home.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Edgar Mexican Pottery Elephant

The Edgar Elephant is made from traditional Mexican clay with a fiery red and beige finish.

Item Dimensions: 20"H X 22"W X 7"

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Enables Extra Luxury Look For Home With Talavera Sinks

Talavera Sink: Bathroom is one of most neglected area in many homes. Peoples are decorates their home with titles and many home decor products. But, this can easily rectify by using Talavera sinks is surely one of the ideal option for those people who wants to give certain classical touch to their bathroom which easily enables extra luxurious look in any home.

Get Best Furniture For Storing Most Important Intellectual Heritage

Rustic Bookcase: Book is considered as a most intellectual heritage of mankind. From many century books play important role in human’s life. So it is obvious that one need to put this book in a most safe and secure place against bookworm then rustic book case certainly best choice for you.

Bring Luck In Your Home With Religious Home Decor

Religious Decor: Celebrate life's most precious moments with great Catholic home decor products that strengthen faith in god and inspire virtue. There are many religious decor products which believe to bring luck and calm feeling to any home. Moreover, these religious gifts serve a higher purpose and bring great joy and blessing in every occasion.

A Brand That Famous From Several Decades: Old World Style Furniture

Old World Style Furniture is among the most popular furniture brand from several decades. The reason behind the popularity of this brand is its color which is surely considered as a highest standard and durability of this furniture is simply unmatched and not found elsewhere.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Canvon Chickens

Set of three porcelain chickens complementary in color and each with a very unique colorful design.

Item Dimensions: 6-6-9.5"H X 4.5-8-12"D

Give An Ancient and Classical Look To Any Home With Wrought Iron Furniture

Wrought Iron Furniture: There are many furniture of this type which is available for desired size and specifications to suit the space that available corresponds with any home decor items.  Moreover, this kind of furniture is made with quality wood and it is highly durable.

Phoenix a Classical Place To Find Mexican Rustic Furniture

Mexican Rustic Furniture Phoenix: Phoenix is a home of Mexican Rustic Furniture which is popular all over the world. This type of rustic furniture has unique features like it is recycle wood, lustrous patinas and each item has a special hand rubbed classical finish. This is ideal furniture item to buy for those people who wants to give mix of modern and classical look in their home.

Mexican Planters An Ideal Decorating Item For Garden Area

Mexican Planters: There’s no other thing better then Mexican planter to fill with flowers to bring sunshine to any day! These Mexican ceramic planters feature a southwest spirit which will look beautiful on any home’s porch, patio, or deck area. Each of our rustic Mexican Clay Planters is hand-crafted by expert Mexican artisans for years of beautiful durability.

Mexican Handcrafted Mirror Will Add An Extra Charm to Every Home Decor

Mexican Mirrors: Buying a new decorative wall, vanity or living room Mexican mirror is surely one of the best ideas. There are wide selection available in many home decor store for choose between any custom design and old classical designs. Handcrafted classic and contemporary design will add an extra look to any home decor.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Seaside Series Statuary


Coastal set of three seaside statuaries in complimentary shapes on stands.

Item Dimensions 8.75-9.5-18.25"H X 7.25-8-11"W X 3.75-5.25"

Mirror Trays - Set of 3


Three mirrored trays with handles in graduating sizes.

Item Dimensions 4.25-5-6"H X 16.75-19.5-21.75"W X 12.5-15-17.5"

Talavera Pots A Most Artistic Home Decor Product

Talavera Pots: This is really wonderful in design and style. This pot is used in Home decor products because it is crated using highly durable clay which makes them easy to use item for home decoration. Some people also store water and many expensive things in this attractive home decor item.

Talavera Plates Best Example of Modern Artistry

Talavera Plates: Talavera plates and platters showcase some of the finest detail and color use in modern Talavera artistry. Whether any person selects a large display platter or a hanging Talavera plate, you'll be proud to have it displayed in any home. Moreover, all these Talavera plates are lead-free and safe for serving food as a best dinnerware.

Give A Warm And Cultural Feel To The Entire Ambience With Rustic Dining Room Furniture

Rustic Dining Furniture: Increasing demand for rustic dining furniture, the furniture companies are working hard to create some of the intricate and simple looking designs using oak wood. Rustic dining sets made from this material looks magnificent as they give a warm and cultural feel to the entire ambience of the room.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Simone Metallic Candleholders


Set of three metallic candle holders each with a complementary design and height.
Item Dimensions: 13-16-19"H X 6"D

Eurasia Ceramic Vases


This set of three ceramic vases have a stunning blue glaze with a decorative band in relief for added interest.

Item Dimensions: 10.75-14.5-18"H X 4.5-6-6.25"W X 4.5-6-6.25"

Mexican Office Furniture a Great Option to Increase the Efficiency of Employees

Mexican Office Furniture: Mexican furniture is one of the most authentic types of furniture that is available in the market. This furniture easily explores the warm and pleasant feeling in any office area.  If the furniture of the office of Mexican types then efficiency of the employee sure increase in their work.

Strength of Fibers and The Comfort of Leather are The Best Qualities of Equipale Furniture

Equipales Furniture: The Equipale furniture made of wood, leather, maguey fiber and cane. This equipale furniture is typically found in many restaurants and is popular in homes of the Southwest. The method of Equipale furniture combining the compressive strength of wood, the strength of fibers and the comfort of leather are the best qualities of these furniture.

Mexican Style Mirror Reflects Ancient Beauty and Provides Rich and Royal Effect to any Bedroom

Mexican style mirror reflects ancient beauty and provides rich and royal effect to any bedroom or drawing room area of any home.  This mirror can easily enrich the charm and beauty for any home decoration. These mirrors are available in many home decor stores in number of styles and designs.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Baby Bates Ceramic Fish

An island inspired set of tropical fish statuary is molded in ceramic and finished in shades of blue and yellow. Great for adding a little to fun to beach themed or coastal decor.

Item Dimensions: 5.5"H X 8.5"W X 3.5"

Talavera Plates Unique Piece Of Home Decoration Item

Beautiful talavera plates are special home decor items.  These plates can easily add extra luxury in your kitchen area. Each of these wonderful plates is a one of a kind, unique piece of art. These plates can be hung on the wall, or serve as a beautiful center piece in the home.

Most Appealing And Versatile Nature Of Mexican Talavera Tile

Mexican talavera tile are popular all over the world because of its versatility. The designs of these tiles are really unique and very appealing, which hardly found elsewhere. These tiles are equally good as a home decor item in any royal hotels, palaces or large and small size homes.

Most Unique Way To Decor your Home With Switch Plate Cover

Switch Plate Cover: Most of the people often ignore some area of their home and never consider it as it can helpful as a home decor time. For example switch plat cover, nobody thinks about these item and only consider as a thing to start any electronic item. But, it can be use a unique home decor item that really makes any home very special.

Create Cool And Windy Atmosphere With Rustic Dining Room Chairs

Rustic dining room chairs give any dining room a cool and windy atmosphere. It will incorporate to the comfort of the kitchen area exactly where family members invest a good deal of their time and share their views and feeling to each other. So that area is calm and pleasing then it really idea for every member of the family of every home.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Baroque Inspired Framed Collection

Set of five baroque frame collection includes two picture frames, a clock frame, a box and a mirrored tray.

Item Dimensions: 8.25-22.5"H X 8.25-15.5"W X 1.75-8.75"

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Buy Talavera Dishes To Create Great Impression Before Your Guest

Talavera Dishes: Talavera dishes are really wonderful as it provides really warm feeling and every design of these dishes are exclusive and one of the best example of classical era of the world. These dishes are really appealing and food served on it really looks wonderful that surely create great impression in the mind of your guest.

Age Old Still Evergreen Rustic Furniture

Rustic Furniture: Rustic Furniture brings imbibed culture and legendary art of carpenters to modern interiors. It is blend of old installations and mix of heavy solid hard wood. Style and fashion of furniture was originated from USA, but now day this kind of furniture is popular in several places all around the world.

Find A Wide Variety Of Rustic Dining Table In Most Trustable Online Stores

Rustic Dining Table: There are number of online store that provide a wide selection of Log and Rustic Dining Room Tables and dining room chairs. People can easily choose from a variety of shapes and styles of including dining room tables, rustic wood tables and rustic pine dining tables with a great selection of styles and finish options.