Tuesday, August 25, 2015

There is a wide variety of Rustic Furniture sets to choose from for Home Decoration

Lodges, log cabins or simply rustic homes hold a special appeal. These homes bring people closer to nature and could be reminders of the simple pleasures of life in the past. There is a wide variety of rustic furnishings set for home decor to complete the theme of a home, whether it is traditional or contemporary. 

Some of the great home decor designs that are in trend these days could include a home interior filled with parochial furniture and small rustic souvenirs on a background shelf and hanging from the ceiling. These rustic pieces are great examples of some of the best furnishings and decor. They are finely crafted; most notched for added decoration and have perfect twig fills.

Rustic home decor is so 'in' these days. Whether one lives in the country or in the city, there's no stopping one from having beautiful rustic furnishings and decor. Whatever a homeowner's dream of a parochial look, one is sure to find something in the parochial collection. Some of the wonderful choices for rustic furnishing sets include the following do-it-yourself project.

  1. Rustic headboard. It provides a pretty country look. One could create a parochial headboard from an old barn door. The project could be done using only any material such as pallet boards and old barn wood.
  2. Pallet shelves. Old pallets are quite easy to come by and are really affordable. The great thing about them is one could do so much. It only requires three hours working per shelf and a few supplies and they could be stained in whatever color one prefers to match the existing home decor.
  3. Rustic photo frames. Old photo frames made of wood can be transformed into a beautiful provincial decor with little work. A burlap could be used for the matting and then add black and white pictures, cardboard monogram cutouts or whatever one wants. Moreover, one could also add small satin ribbons to decorate the frames a bit.
  4. Cabinet handles wrapped in twine. Twine is inexpensive and there are a lot of things to do with it. Updating cabinets is easy simply by wrapping the handles in twine. It gives the kitchen a beautiful parochial look and is one of the easiest projects to do. It only requires twine, paint and glue and in no time, one could have great Anthropology-inspired cabinet pulls.
  5. Wood pallet bench. An unused wood pallet could be crafted into a bench. The bench would look fabulous on the deck or inside the door or wherever one puts it. After putting it all together, it could be sanded and stained in whatever color one deems. There is a beautiful bench that cost very little in no time at all.
  6. Rustic coffee table. It requires only a few slats of wood and they need not be the same color or shade. They could be put together to create a beautiful coffee table. It only needs patterning the pieces and sticking them together with small nails and wood glue. Add legs of some sort for an expensive looking table that is considerably cheaper than it looks.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Consider a pretty Rustic Dresser to complete the decor of a Bedroom or Living Room

Bring a rustic-chic style to the living area or bedroom decor with beautiful dressers that complements the other furnishings in the room. One of the best furnishings that could complete the rustic theme of a home is a hand distressed solid wood dresser with special finishing and decorative hardware.

At most furniture stores, bedroom furniture comes in sets, which is a less costly option that ensures consistent rustic style and design. However, for homeowners who do not like the match look, there are individual pieces to choose from. For most people nowadays, the rustic design is in trend. Rustic dressers are also great for integrating in a living room decor. Without a dresser, it would be hard to store clothes collection.

If a rooms' storage need is minimal, one may be enough, while others might required two of three dressers in the bedroom. Create a country or rustic feel to a home with any of the great dressers not just for completing the bedroom area but as beautiful addition to the living space. A great choice could include a parochial wood dresser for the living room or a white chest of drawers that is a perfect bedroom dresser. Regardless of what room one is shopping for, there is a wide range of dresses and chests to choose from that would add the perfect touch.

Bring a rustic-chic style to the living area or bedroom decor with beautiful dressers that complements the other furnishings in the room. One of the best furnishings that could complete the parochial theme of a home is a hand distressed solid wood dresser with special finishing and decorative hardware. It has superior quality construction and detailing. Some of the beautiful provincial furnishings are created using eco-friendly techniques of production that include environment sustainable material as well as water based stains and finishes. Imperfections such as cracks, uneven surface, knots and more are considered inherent distress that add to the rustic appeal and does not affect the sturdiness and durability of the furniture.

When choosing a dresser for the living room or bedroom decor, it is likely that one would be focused on the style and color. While these are important, it is vital not to forget the usefulness of the furniture itself. In general, the pieces are used for storing clothes and other items.  It is possible to buy a dresser that could hold several drawers and a huge open door. The key is to make sure the furnishing would be useful before making a purchase.

Once found a dresser that is beautiful and rustic, it is important to make certain that it would fit the living room or bedroom. It makes sense to measure the space and the size of the furniture. There should be a lot of room left after the dresser has been put in place. Moreover, it's also a good idea to ensure that all doors and drawers would fully open, without hitting walls and other furniture pieces too.

When trying to match a rustic space, the furnishing should be unique and parochial. The parochial furniture could be used for a lot of various styles and rooms. One great material is pine, which is very durable and could last for a very long time, as long as it is properly cared for. 

Monday, August 17, 2015

There is a wide selection of beautiful rustic chairs and tables for the dining room

The dining room or area is a place for consuming food. In modern times, it is adjacent to a kitchen for convenience. In ancient times, it often was on an entirely different floor level. Historically, the space is furnished with a large wooden table and several chairs. Typically, the most common shape is rectangular with two armed end chairs and even number of side chairs without arms along the long sides.
There are numerous styles of dining room furniture that complete the look and feel of the eating area, depending on a homeowner's preference. The rustic style dining room is becoming very popular nowadays. It uses materials found in nature. The very nature of the rustic design allows one to bring together different styles and materials rather than being limited to coordinating the wood finishes such as with other styles.

The rustic design is not only popular for its exceptional beauty but for the superior craftsmanship and materials used that make it last for years. It is important to go for rustic eating area furniture pieces that accommodate the family's needs for a long period of time. The main focus of the room is the table and chairs. This should be the starting point for furnishing the rustic dining space.
Rustic tables come in rectangular, round, square and oval shapes and may be made of rough logs or boards. Furthermore, they come in heights which accommodate benches or regular dining chairs. Some provide flexibility through extensions that allow one to expand the space. A parochial dining table combines rustic sophistication with traditional elegance. It is a perfect entryway or a solid hardwood perch for a beautiful lamp.
The stools to complete a parochial dining room set could create a huge impact on the overall furniture style. Cutout armchairs feature ducks, trees and other rustic themes that provide an instant rustic appeal to the space. Moreover, there are also plain and upholstered log chairs where one could use a single design or opt to mix and match for a more one-of-a-kind appearance. Benches in various styles are available to use with some tables that are specially designed.
The options for parochial dining tables and seats are simply endless. It is best to opt for a round table only when it is necessary to seat six or even less people. Bigger round log tables make conversation and serving inconvenient. However, adding a pretty pendant light above the table, together with two plush stools could make the rounded, small furniture could fashion a romantic and warm setting that is just magical.
Even though the dinette set is the focal point of the dining area, the right accessories could give a sense of unity to the provincial theme. Hutches, buffets and display cabinets could be used for more storage and could add to the beauty of the decor. Carefully select display items to make certain that they are the best to take advantage of the beautiful parochial furniture rather than removing the space from the parochial theme.