Saturday, January 31, 2015

Spread Extra Charm With Industrial Furniture Range

Industrial range of rustic furniture is great forever home or offices as it capable to bring extra charm in any place. It has several qualities which make this product really one of the most famous home decor Item. Currently, these ranges of rustic furniture products are available in discount price in one furniture store recently.

Copper Topped Iron Crank Pub Table

Copper Topped Iron Crank Pub Table  

This is Solid Copper Topped Iron Crank Pub Table. This furniture product makes any home decor and design really unique. This style is ideal as Industrial furniture and best suited to place it in the place like hotel and restaurant. It is perhaps easiest way to give rustic look to the any dining area.
Price : $829.00

Aviator Industrial Style Furniture Bookshelf

Aviator Industrial Style Furniture Bookshelf  

Aviator Bookshelf is an Industrial Style bookshelf which helps everyone to organized and ready to access. This Item is Ideal for creating small size library in any home. Moreover, this product works well with modern or old world style home.
Price : $1,799.00

Distressed Armoire

Distressed Armoire 

This Distress armoire look really unique and easily take us back to the time when people uses cup board to store important thing in this home. This wonderful distressed Armoire has plenty of storage options for easy movement. Hand forged hardware and made of solid wood will easily add style to any home decor.
Price : $1,499.00

Friday, January 30, 2015


The sturdy legs of this Marble and Pin rustic furniture give a classic look which combines very well with a leather sofa. This Pine Rustic Furniture will easily match any modern or old world home decor.

Marble and Pine Rustic Coffee Table- 2 Sided

Pine Coffee Table
This multi-purpose table is not only good for eating, drinking but, it can become Ideal fun place as it great to play various kinds of games on it in the free time.

Price: $625.00

Marble and Pine Rustic Sofa Table

Pine Sofa Table
Marble And Pine Rustic Sofa Table is wonderful six drawer furniture. This product is ideal to set as an extra storage area in the home. Moreover, it is capable to give a distinguish look in any home.
Price: $549.00

Marble and Solid Wood Rustic End Table

Pine End Table

Great traditional end table or nightstand is Solid wood stand with rustic accents and marble inlay. This is very good small size table. This is really handy to set some small décor Item in the home.
And currently, TresAmigos online furniture store offers attractive discount on this selected range of products. They also provide additional discount for their fiesta members.
Price: $293.00

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Great Range Of Rustic Iron Bar Furniture

Rustic Iron bar furniture is the most popular and affordable style for creating a relaxing and wonderful rustic atmosphere in homes south and north of the border. It has achieved its popularity through dedicated woodworking and functional design. The hand crafting skills used by the artisans ensures that furniture has very effective and unique character.

Hardwood and Iron Rustic Bar Stool

Hardwood And Iron Rustic Bar Stool 

What a cool bar stool. It is 100% solid wood with Forged iron. It is little smaller frame so that it can easily it into smaller spaces.
Price : $199.00

Mexican Iron Bar Stool
Iron Bar Stool 

This is one of the best swivel bar stool. The rustic tool with smooth swivel and old world southwest design makes these perfect for any home, restaurant, resort, etc. This stool allows anyone to enjoy elevated dining experience.
Price: $599.00

Hacienda Iron Dining Chair

Iron Dining Chair

Hacienda Iron Dining Chair Solid Iron Dining Chair with faux leather cushion. This is a most authentic rustic dining chair that will compliment any Old World or Rustic Home Décor Style.
Price :$415.00

There is one more reason to buy this rustic Iron Bar tools as Tres Amigos Tucson furniture store bring great discount on this range of products. Additional discount offers to any fiesta members.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Highly Acclaimed Rustic Wood Furniture Product

Rustic tables are known for its durability and there are many products are available which anybody trusts to place in their home as it is not authentic in look but, really durable.

Marble and Solid Wood Rustic End Table

Pine End Table 

This is one great traditional end table. This furniture Item is made of marble Inlay and really looks very attractive and charming. It is certainly wonderful work of art best suited beside TV or wall in any drawing room.
Price: $293.00

Vistas Nightstand

Vistas Nightstand   

This Vistas Nightstand is one of the fastest lines of furniture. The furniture is made of 100% solid wood construction. This rustic nightstand is a perfect accent to any Old World or Tuscan decor. It has many distinguish uses like telephone stand, bathroom storage and many more.
Price: $559.00

Recycled Pine Door Sofa Table

Pine door sofa table  

Recycled Pine Door Sofa Table with three drawers is one finest rustic Furniture Home Decor Item. This furniture is made with 100% solid pine wood construction. In the construction of this furniture no veneers are used. It is an Ideal rustic table for Southwest or Colonial decor design.
Price: $1,091.00

Furthermore, there is special reason to buy this rustic furniture Item now as, it is available in the discount price in the Tres Amigos rustic furniture store.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Excellent Discount Offers on Home Decor, Rustic Furniture Items

The beauty of rustic furniture is its uniqueness. It is not like any other modern type that has been standardized; the natural grain variances and wood knots are enjoyed and accentuated to create a very different look. Rustic type stands out easily and ensures solid wood furniture is the always central point of any home. Rustic furniture provides a traditional look to any home. Recently Tress Amigos giving excellent discount on this range of products.

Mexicali Rustic Wood Frame Mirror

Mexicali Framed Mirror   

Mexicali Rustic Wood Frame Mirror is old world mirror. This mirror frame made of solid wood and it is lovely looking Piece of Art! This product is easily able to add charm in any home.
Price $419.00

Mexicali Rustic Wood Bar Cabinet    

Mexicali Bar Cabinet  

Mexicali Rustic Wood Bar Cabinet is made with the Recycled wood. It is really unique as it look multicolored and little distressed. However, it is one finest rustic wood bar available in the market. This furniture Item is very beautiful and will add color and class to any room in the home. This wine rack easily holds 12 bottles, has 2 drawers, 3 open shelves which can easily hold 15 wine glasses.
Price $1,949.00

Mexicali Plasma TV Stand

Mexicali TV Stand 

Mexicali Rustic Wood TV Stand is Heavy Recycled Wood is used to create Mexicali Furniture products. In this furniture refine rustic charm meets Old World Style. Each piece is very beautiful as certainly unique.
Price: $1,179.00

Monday, January 26, 2015


Copper Metal Cafe Chair

Look at this copper metal Cafe Chair these metal and iron chairs is so good that few words about that is certainly not enough for it. Wonderful color and gorgeous design speak itself.

Copper Metal Cafe Chair  Copper Metal Cafe Chair

Price : $179.00

Tres Amigos Rustic Iron Bar Stool

Iron Bar Stool   Rustic Iron Bar Stool

These metal and iron chairs speak for themselves. This is heavy duty chair is great as it has a cow boy print it and it is really. This is one of the finest reclaimed recycled furniture Item.  
Price: $499.00

Hardwood and Iron Rustic Dining Chair

Dining Chair   Hardwood Iron Dining Chair By Tres Amigos

This Hardwood and Iron Rustic dinning chair is really unique as it is multicolored chair. It is one of the rare old world style chairs which look very luxurious in any home. Design in this chair is really wonderful and very stylish.
Price : $276.00

Furthermore, above given wonderful Rustic Chair & Stools are available with excellent discount in one most reliable furniture store ‘Tres Amigos’.  The company also offer addition discount for fiesta members. Not only that if any new user arrives  than coupon code directly given in the sign-up process itself.

Sunday, January 25, 2015


Having a Bar or an island in the kitchen is pretty much a must. It’s a very functional thing to have, moreover, it brings great opportunity to incorporate bar stools . There are numerous types of bar stools you can choose from and the decision has to be based on the overall style of the decor.

Hacienda Mexican Pine Bar Stool

Pine Bar Stool  Mexican Pine Bar Stool by TresAmigos
Hacienda Mexican Pine Bar Stool makes this Rustic design a hit with many decors. This chair made to last double when compare to other rustic pine chairs. This rustic chair allows anyone to enjoy the elevated dining experience.
Price: $289.00

Rustic Iron Bar Stool
Iron Bar Stool   Rustic Iron Bar Stool By TresAmigos
This Rustic Iron Bar Stool is great for indoor or outdoor use. The design of this stool is very nice These Item created using faux leather, cushioned seat for long lasting durability. This stool allows everyone to enjoy wonderful drinking and eating experience.
Price : $479.00

Round Fitted Leather Stool
Round Fitted Leather Stool  Round Leather Stool By TresAmigos
This is nice Round Fitted Leather Stool with round foot rest and sturdy base. This furniture Item work great in the bar or kitchen counter. This Southwest furniture design works in with any home decor and interior design inspirations. This product is perfect for restaurant furniture, industrial furniture and even in the home to give classical look.
Price : $389.00
Above, given products are available in the discount price in the Tres Amigo , a well-known furniture store.

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Pine is very popular softwood. Therefore some care required for keeping the traditional pine furniture looking beautiful and in good shape. Pine generally cracks under warmth temperature.  There are wide number of rustic pine furniture available who supply most  rustic coffee table and end tables.
Country Pine Chest Pine Chest  

Country Pine Chest is large size coffee table with lots of wide storage space. This chest really looks solid and can store large number of products in it. In this furniture each piece is solid wood and assembled by hand because of it they able to enjoy really authentic look.
Price : $639.00

Pine Rustic Nightstand

Pine Nightstand   

This is large size rustic pine furniture from Mexico. This rustic table made with solid wood and assembled by hand. The design of this product is really unique and distressed appearance is inherent and gives this rustic furniture a really special look.
Price : $219.00
Small Rustic Pine Side Table Small Rustic Pine Side Table   
This attractive Rustic Pine Side Table is versatile furniture for any interior design concept. This is a solid Wood construction a wonderful home decor. Use as a Rustic end table, Industrial type nightstand, telephone stand and several other uses.
Price : $179.00
Tres Amigoes supplier of world class furniture offer attractive discount for online buyers and special discount for fiesta members.

Friday, January 23, 2015


Mexicali Rustic Furniture products are popular all over the world. These kind of furniture products are generally very durable and long lasting so, it can remain newer for the longer duration of time.

Mexicali Rustic Wood Dresser

Mexicali Dresser   Mexicali Rustic Wood Furniture by TresAmigos

Mexicali Rustic Solid Wood Chest which is also called Old World Dresser. This recycled wooden 6 drawer dresser is 100% solid wood Item. This recycles reclaimed wood every piece in this line is beautiful and will easily add colors and wonderful class to any home decor style.
Price: $1,549.00

Mexicali Rustic Wood Buffet

Mexicali Rustic Wood Buffet  Mexicali Rustic Wood Buffet

Mexicali Rustic Wood Buffet is Recycled Wood furniture which is available in the Mexicali Furniture Collection. This product is really attractive and unique and most authentic rustic furniture.
Price: $1,599.00

Mexicali Rustic Wood Room Divider

Mexicali Room Divider   Mexicali Rustic Wood Room Divider

If anyone has large size room and wants to divide their home in to separate two rooms then Mexicali Rustic Wood Room Divider is certainly a best choice for them. In this furniture refined rustic charm meets Old World Style and looks very quality and unique.
Price: $1,099.00

Bring this wonderful furniture today as furniture store TresAmigos giving good discount on reclaimed recycled wood furniture products.  This offer is available for very limited time.