Monday, June 30, 2014

Talavera Combo Switch

Look at these beautiful Talavera switch plates. A traditional Mexican favorite. Each one is hand painted making it a mini work of art. Since each piece is made by hand they are all different designs. The piece you receive will look slightly different than the item pictured here.
Screws not included.

Approx dimensions: 5.5 x 5.25

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Buy an old World Bedroom Furniture To Create Relaxing Atmosphere

Old World Bedroom Furniture: Bedroom furniture in old world style exudes a great sense of space and architectural beauty. The worn leather look blends beautifully with the rich and deep palette of the old world. Magnificent hand painted bed, side tables and media cabinets are just some of the examples of old world furnishings for a warm, relaxing bedroom setting.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Metal Bull Barbeque Life Size

Make Neighborhood Barbeque Legend Status with this one! This is about as original as it gets! 100% Custom made Bull Barbeque. Yes, it's a functioning barbeque and it can't be beat. Comes with everything you see here. Hand made of metal and sturdy enough to enjoy for a long time. Expect some variations in color and design. Expect longer than usual wait times as each one is different and truly a work of art.

Approximate Dimensions: 76'' l x 48''h x 52'' w

Tuscan Dining Table Constructed From Solid Acacia Wood

Tuscan Dining Table: Tuscan furniture and dining tables usually fall under the ancient world furniture class category. They are modeled after tables found in the coastal Italy and add extra amore to the dining place. It is usually constructed of solid acacia wood and makes a perfect companion to other dining collection pieces.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Recycled Pine Door Sofa Table

Recycled Pine Door Sofa Table with three drawers is part of our newest lines of Rustic Furniture Home Decor. Rough lines, 100% solid pine wood construction with matching pieces. No veneers are used. Hand forged iron drawer pulls. The perfect home accent to any Southwest or Colonial decor design style. See ordering information below.

Dimensions: 55" l x 32" h x 18" w

Old World Dining Chairs Most Popular Furniture Item for Home Furnishings

Old World Dining Room Chairs: One of the popular dining room chairs in old world style is the Jacobean Revival style which is patterned after dark, heavy and intricately carved furniture. It was used by royalty during the Middle ages up through the Renaissance. The features of this old world piece is the use of black oak which is often called bog wood.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Talavera Decor Product A Best Work of Art

Talavera: Within the country of Mexico, pottery dates back to the sixteenth century colonial time. It was first introduced to Mexico by the Spanish guild artisans. These days, Mexican Talavera reflects the different cultural heritage from the Italian Renaissance, the Orient, Spain and the indigenous folks of Mexico.

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Mexican Equipale Furniture With Natural Colors

Mexican Equipale Furniture: Equipale creates a southwest or rustic atmosphere with classic and genuine Mexican charm. Assorted furniture includes barrel chairs, lodge chairs, tables, and drawers in traditional tobacco color as well as bar stools. The furnishings have natural hand painted finish with vivid and beautiful scenes and colorful accents.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hand Painted Furniture Brings The Mexican Culture And Color In Homes

Hand Painted Furniture: Mexican, hand carved and brightly painted furniture bring the life and color of the Mexican culture to any home around the world. There are so many pieces to choose from. Some of the very popular home choices include hand painted benches, artistically designed hand carved chairs, dining table sets and end tables.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Enjoy Longest Day With Tres Amigos Shortest Sale Of The Year

June 21st is the longest day of the year, because the Sun reaches its northernmost point in the sky. Tres Amigos has come up with the offer "35% Off! Everything" - The shortest sale of the year, only for 4 hours on any purchase which is made between 10AM to 2PM only.

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Old World Style Reflects The Charm of Royal and Classical Furniture

Old World Dining Room Furniture: Nineteenth century dining room was used for staging all informal and formal social home functions. Old world dining pieces complete the old world charm and elegance. Most of this kind of dining room furniture is massive and created in old English, colonial or Dutch imitation.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Rustic Dining Tables Handcrafted from Various Solid Wood Pieces

Rustic Dining Tables: Rustic tables for dining are handcrafted from various solid wood pieces. These could include oak, cherry, hickory, maple and pine. There are various styles such as the rustic that complements the ambiance of the room. The tables are timeless and remind people of times gone by, of cottages and palaces.

Rustic Outdoor Benches Pieces Usually Made By Hand

Rustic Outdoor Benches :The attraction of living in the country is discovered within the rustic garden outdoor furniture such as benches. One of the reasons people love rustic garden pieces is they are not usually made in a manufacturing facility. The pieces are unique and made by hand.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tuscan Style Dining Room Chair a Best Option for Dining Room

Tuscan Dining Room Chairs: Complete the Tuscan dining room with leather upholstered dining chairs. There is a huge selection of chairs that could transform an everyday dining experience into a touch of Italian charm.Creating a Tuscan dining area ambience is charming and pleasurable.

Monday, June 16, 2014

To Feel More Relaxable And Calmful In Your Home Buy Wrought Iron Furniture

Wrought Iron Furniture because of its durability and most attractive and sophisticated look makes it a perfect home decor and furnishings product. It can be used indoors as well as outdoors are of the home to create a variety of furniture like dining chairs and tables and beds.

Mexican Ceramics To Decor Your Home More Eye-catching And Wondeful

Mexican Ceramics: Pre-Hispanic ceramics or earthenware in Mexico was not glazed. They were instead finished with a slip made of very fine clay. Often, the slip had mineral pigments that add color and could be added before or after firing. Firing was performed in a pit or open fire.

Drive Away With Peace And Tranquility With Rustic Furniture

Rustic Furniture: There are two basic kinds of rustic, old furniture construction. The bentwood or sticks harvested fresh or steamed to make them supple then bent to various structures and decorative shapes. The other is the twig work or sticks that are straight, forked or curved assembled to decorative shapes and structures within a structure.

Place Order For Mexican Home Decor Items To Decor Your Home With Great Mexican Look

Mexican Home Decor: One of the beautiful and popular home decors from Mexico includes the Zapotec weavings and rugs. Each rug is loomed in the home of the weaver instead of in a factory and lasts longer than commercial ones. Whether used to cover floors or display on walls, the durable and colorful rugs complement any rustic or southwest decor.

Give Amazing And Unique Look To Your Home With Tuscan Style Furniture

Tuscan Style Furniture is one of the most popular Mediterranean styles used in interiors and architecture. It reflects the climate and beautiful landscapes of Tuscany together with comfort of good food, wine and family. The styles us sunbaked, rustic finishes characterized by simple and solid furnishings with elegant designs.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tequilero Loveseat

This Tequilero Loveseat is made from recycled Tequila barrels. This bench has been aged to perfection and is ready to be the perfect resting spot for your home. Beautiful solid iron base with decorative finishes.

Approximate Dimensions: 68.5" l x 38" h x 18" w Seat Height 18.5"

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Country Pine China Cabinet and Buffet

Very traditional china cabinet and buffet. This beautifully constructed piece is made using solid wood and has glass doors and 4 open display shelves, detail paneled doors and drawers on the bottom make this the perfect piece to display your treasures and storage for those less desirable necessities.
Dimensions: 47.25'' l x 74.75'' h x 20'' w

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Give an Astonishing Look for Wrought Iron Furniture

Wrought Iron Furniture: Wrought iron is an iron alloy that is known for its softness and durability. It is rarely used in structural or other commercial applications, it is a common material used for fences, outdoor railings, and outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture products that are made using wrought Iron are really durable and long lasting.

Phoenix a Great Place To Find Authentic Mexican Furniture

Mexican Rustic Furniture Phoenix: Create a southwest ambiance to an office with office furniture made in Mexico. Some of the fine pieces to choose include rustic desk high storage units, pedestals, coordinating cupboards, bookcases, combination units and more that give the freedom to build personalized storage solutions.

Give an Ancient Look to Any Office With Mexican Furniture

Mexican Office Furniture: Create a southwest ambiance to an office with office furniture made in Mexico. Some of the fine pieces to choose include rustic desk high storage units, pedestals, coordinating cupboards, bookcases, combination units and more that give the freedom to build personalized storage solutions.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Richards Metal Magazine Holder

The Richards Metal Magazine Holder incorporates simple two-tiered metal baskets topped with a chalk board. The easel style stand and bright yellow finish make it fun and easy to display.

Item Dimensions: 16.25"H X 7"W X 35.25"

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Paisley Planters

This set of 4 ceramic paisley planters would be great for displaying fresh or faux plants.

Item Dimensions: 4.75-6.75-8.5-10.25"H X 4.5-6.25-7.75-9.5"D

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Buy Rustic Hardware To Give Rustic Look In Your Furniture And Doors

Rustic Hardware: Today, rustic art is being applied into furniture and hardware items. Pieces include slide bolts, door pulls, drawer pulls, brackets, hinges, nail head or clavos which are all made by hand by Mexican craftsmen. Each piece is rustic and applied with a chemical to create the old world look.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Get Best Relax Feeling With Equipale Chairs

Equipale Chairs: The wood that is made into chairs known as Equipale is cut on a full moon as it is believed that the wood is the hardest during the time. This kind of furniture is made with wood, leather and ‘ixtle’ which are a derivative of the cactus.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Swanson Sea Turtle Wall Decor

Life-like artistry brings the Swanson Sea Turtle wall decor to life. These peaceful marine inhabitants are the perfect addition to your own unique beach home or coastal themed room.

Item Dimensions: 11.5-15.25"H X 10.25-13.5"W X 3.5-4.75"

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Watkins Sea Leaf Vase - Small

Individually formed and applied leaves reinvent a standard vessel shape, while a soft green reactive glaze adds depth to the surface of the Watkins Sea Leaf Vase.

Item Dimensions: 11.75"H X 10.75"W X 10"

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Mitchell Truck Statuary

Old fashioned iron tuck with a heavy glaze finish over a rustic red color.

Item Dimensions: 6.25"H X 11.5"W X 5.25"

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Buy Rustic Dining Furniture To Add Rustic Feel In Your Dining Area!

Rustic Dining Furniture: Many people like the feel of a rustic, elegant dining furniture. The country of Mexico produces some of the finest cool rustic table and elegant chairs with studs. These dining pieces are perfect for any dining area that wants to have a touch of Mexico and a feel of the southwest.

Wide Range Of Rustic Bed Furniture To Choose Best For Your Bedroom!

Rustic Bed Furniture: Other kinds of rustic furniture for the bedroom could simply feature wood with tones and grains that provide a feeling of vintage or unfinished construction. The rustic is associated usually with backwoods or country homes feel. In general, the furniture pieces have a grainier appearance and feel.

Robin 3 Light Candelabra

This three light candelabra, has mercury glass cups with a curved iron stand.

Item Dimensions: 10.5"H X 10.25"W X 10.25"

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Rustic Beds Most Popular Type of Furniture That Available in The Market

Rustic Beds: Rustic designed beds are a warm complement in any bedroom setting.  The furniture piece has to look right, feel right and lasts for a long time. There are numerous bed ranges to choose from that range from elegant handcrafted wooden pieces to simple but functional reclaimed wood creation.

Old World Style Pulled From Various Design Elements

Old World Style Furniture: Old world design furniture is influenced by European styles. These include French antiques as well as earthy materials such as tile, tumbled marble and limestone. Other vital elements include pieces and deep wall texture, flooring and fabrics.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Evelyn Crate Storage Ottoman

Another delightful design by Ella Elaine, this storage ottoman features a tufted linen seat on a wooden crate with casters. Antique wall paper, iron handles and decorative metal flourishes all contribute to the vintage charm of this unique piece.

Item Dimensions: 20.5"H X 17.5"W X 16.5"

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Elisia Ceramic Birds Wall Decor

The Elisia Ceramic Birds are a bright, fun way to add a spot of color to your room. With metal loops for hanging, suspend them from the ceiling or hang on a wall. Set of 3.

Item Dimensions: 4.75-7-8"H X 6-10-10.25"W

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Moers Cutwork Garden Stool

Add a zen-like feeling to any outdoor garden or patio with this ornate garden stool with cutwork design. The intricate carvings and design have an organic tribal feel. Whether you choose to use this stool as a seat or a garden accessory, you will love the beauty it adds to your outdoor garden or patio.

Item Dimensions: 18.5"H X 14"D

Tuscan Style Living Room Furniture Only For Real Tuscan Lovers!

Tuscan Style Living Room Furniture: Tuscany has a unique artistic legacy, particularly when it comes to the architecture and art in the world. There are Tuscan living room furniture styles that suit any Tuscan style living area. These pieces accentuate the beauty of the room and provide an elegant, beautiful yet cozy appeal.

Buy Metal Switch Plate Cover To Decorate Your Home In Unique Way

Metal Switch Plates Decorative: Create the home of dreams with metal decorative switch plates handcrafted to meet unique needs. They are available in a wide array of designs, finish and sizes. The designer wall plates and outlet covers beautifully coordinate with any home decor.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Massey Tall Vase

The Massey Vase is sure to be a statement in anyone's home. The variegated greens and rotund shape demand attention! Earthy and warm, this bowl make a perfect gift or decorative accent. For a coordinated look purchase matching bowl and vase.

Item Dimensions : 15.75"H X 10.25"D

Rustic Dining Chair is a superb Option for Any Home

Rustic Dining Chairs: Dining chairs in rustic style add charm to any dining area. Moreover, they could also look great pulled up to a farm table. Dining must be cozy and comfortable, thus they are terrific additions to a rustic theme in either the kitchen or dining area.

Select From Wide Varieties of Rustic Pine Furniture for Your Home

Pine Rustic Furniture: Each piece of rustic furniture is made by hand mostly from pine wood. Moreover, each is unique to provide the kind of look that everyone loves. Imperfections could appear in the look, size, texture and finish.  The color shade of every piece may vary slightly since they are made with natural products applied by artisans.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Yates Iron Bistro Table

Imagine indulging in a warm cup of coffee at the corner sidewalk table.

Item Dimensions: 30"H X 27.5"W X 27.5"

Potted Lavender

The antiqued cement planter is filled with this botanical explosion of lavender, adding a freshness to any home.

Item Dimensions: 9.5"H X 3.5"W X 8.5"

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Playful Paisley Photo Frames

Set of three picture frames each with a distinct paisley design and colors.

Item Dimensions: 12.5"H X 10.25"W

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Collection Of Long Lasting Rustic Pine Furniture

Pine Furniture: Pine, office furniture could be a good choice for any business on a budget. This is because it is less costly compared to pieces made from other types of woods. Furniture pieces are available in distinctively different looks, thus one should choose the type that best matches the style of the company.

Buy Cheery And Colorful Mexican Ceramics

Mexican Ceramics: After the Spanish invasion and conquest of Mexico, European designs and techniques were introduced, particularly in ceramic products. The techniques almost wiped out the native traditions. Indigenous traditions survive in a few items like comals and the addition of indigenous designs elements to European motifs.