Friday, February 20, 2015

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Winter Sale By TresAmigos

Winter is the great promise because there is so little to do or because you can now and then permit the luxury of thinking. It is a great time for lovely food and warmth and also for the touch of a friendly talk beside the fire. Now, one can enjoy this chilly season even more by buying various stylish furniture at Tres Amigos World Imports Inc.

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Monday, February 9, 2015


Apple wood, gnarled and bossed into natural rosettes is well suited material to the purpose of making Rustic Furniture. The furniture made with this kind of wood is really classical and joy to watch. That’s why rustic chair is really durable and classical and wonderful piece of furniture art. These are few rustic chair which easily bring old world atmosphere in any home.

Hardwood and Iron Rustic Dining Chair

Dining Chair  

The design of this chair is truly wonderful. It is one of the solid made chair which is really fun and bring lots of seating comfort to everybody.
Price: $276.00

Hardwood and Iron Rustic Dining Chair

Hardwood And Iron Rustic Dining Chair  

This is attractive hardwood and iron rustic dinning chair. It is really special because of its colors and easily a best chair to add in any home or office. It is easily able to handle all kind of weather and not wear and tear because of it.
Price: $251.00

Hacienda Iron Dining Chair    

Iron Dining Chair 

It is really effective chair to have in any home. It is highly durable and luxurious. Moreover, this chair able to give king like feeling to the person which is seating on this chair.
Price: $415.00

Additionally, some rustic furniture store gives attractive discount on these ranges of selected products.
Moreover, current well known rustic furniture company Tres Amigos provide excellent discount of the selected range of products which helps anyone to buy expensive furniture products in a wide variety and different colors and styles.

Sunday, February 8, 2015


Planning on buying new furniture and accessories then must consider buying Mexican furniture products. In many furniture stores wide range of home furnishings and home decor accessories are available. There is one trusted place where anyone can buy trusted and quality Mexicali furniture products.

Mexicali Rustic Wood Bench  


If anyone planning to buy wood bench for their garden or outdoor area then Mexicali Rustic wood bench is surely ideal for them.  This product easily takes back to the old world time and brings really rustic charm in any home.
Price: $799.00

Mexicali Rustic Wood Frame Mirror

This wood frame mirror is really luxurious and royal. It is one of the rare products which are capable to give wonderful rustic feel to any home. Bring this product as it really provides excellent opportunity to bring charm in any home.
Price: $419.00

Mexicali Plasma TV Stand


It is really highly dynamic TV stand. In this Mexicali furniture product two close drawers given to store various things and two open drawers for putting DVDs and video. It is really look wonderful and very charming.
Price: $1179.00

Furthermore, Tres Amigo provides wonderful discount of the selected range of furniture products and also gives additional discount for the fiesta members of their website.

Saturday, February 7, 2015


Rustic furniture company Tres Amigo brings wonderful collection of products which is not only attractive in look but, also highly authentic and durable. Moreover, company currently providing attractive discount on their selected range of furniture products and, if any new person sign-up or for fiesta members attractive discount offers by the company.

Aviator Industrial Style Furniture Bookshelf

Aviator Industrial Style Furniture Bookshelf  Aviator Industry Style Furniture By TresAmigos

This is one fantastic library furniture products. It is really useful product which stores wide range of books and any one can easily store several types of office files or even can place as a home or personal library in the extra area of the home.
Price: $1,799.00

Iron and Wood Distressed Industrial Dining Chair


Look at this rustic dinning chair really attractive and charming. It is the best to seat a comfort and really enjoyable chair. It is also a very good option for place in any drawing room or living room area.
Price: $213.00

Red Metal Cafe Chair
Red Metal Cafe Chair  Red Metal Cafe Chairs

Red metal cafe chair it is blue, red and gray color chairs. These wonderful chairs easily create electric atmosphere in any garden area.  This is also a great option as a big auditorium chair.
Price: $219.00

Friday, February 6, 2015


Today coffee table is become a palace when the entire family member take the dinner or lunch and easily hang out with each other. It is also a place when people serve their guest by offering them food and drinks. For that anyone should require three important things which are coffee table, bar stool and chair to give luxurious experience.  

Mexican Rustic Pine Coffee Table

Pine Coffee Table  

This is a large size coffee table which great to seat even without chair. It can easily prove wonderful choice for any home. It has wonderful design and great style.
Price: $579.00

Rustic Iron Bar Stool  
Iron Bar Stool   Rustic Iron Bar Stoll By TresAmigos

This lovely looking rustic Iron bar stool is very attractive. It is one of the most perfect home d├ęcor Item that is available in many different furniture stores.
Price: $479.00

Rustic Iron Side Chair
Iron Chair

Look this chair it is one the most Ideal rustic furniture product. It is really classic chair which easily take back any one in the past. This side chair is ideal with any coffee table or old world classic furniture Items.
Price: $155.00

Currently any one has wonderful opportunity to buy this Item, as Tres Amigos comes up with attractive discount on their selected range of furniture products.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Attractive Rustic Bench Products

Rustic bench can add both beauty and utility to any garden or outdoor area or lawn and can be constructed using a few tools and rough landscape timbers. The simplicity of this plan reduces the number of cuts and as a result can be constructed using basic carpentry skills and requiring minimal materials.

Cactus Hand Painted Rustic Solid Wood Bench

Cactus Bench   

Check this bench! Hand carved and painted. This rustic bench is ideal for outdoor area of the home. The art design in this bench is really attractive and one of its which easily attract anybody.
Price: $559.00

Shell Hand Painted Rustic Wood Bench

Shell Rustic Bench 

Shell Hand painted rustic wood bench is one fine bench which is very comfortable. It is one of these kinds that easily give seating comfort and wonderful relaxing atmosphere in any room.
Price: $559.00

Eclipse Hand Painted Mexican Wood Bench

Eclipse Bench 

Look at this bench! Hand carved and painted. Each rustic bench is slightly different and unique and easily able to create pleasing atmosphere in any home.
Price: $559.00

Moreover, Tres Amigos Company offers attractive discount on several furniture products and provide additional discount on fiesta members.  So, that anyone can buy their favorite products at discount price.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Want To Attract Guest By Drawing Room Decor? Check Here...

View this wonderful selection of dining room decor with an array of exclusive styles. There are many supplier companies who offer wide range of selection of designs with a flair for Spanish Colonial, Rustic, Tuscan, Country and Cottage style furniture. Find the wide range of rustic dining room furniture, right in the rustic furniture store.

Industrial Rustic Iron with Wood Seat Dining Chair

Industrial Rustic Iron with Wood Seat Dining Chair 

Industrial Rustic Iron with Wood Seat Dining Chair is a very unique dining chair that will compliment any Spanish colonial Industrial rustic design decor. This product looks very classy and unique.
Price: $189.00

Executive Pine Country Desk

Pine Desk 

Executive Pine country desk is attractive rustic furniture item. It has six drawers to store several Items together. This rustic desk has made with Solid wood construction with a heavy duty and very attractive look and feel.
Price: $1,479.00

San Gabriel Pine Rustic Desk

Pine Desk 

San Gabriel is one very attractive best-selling desk. This pine rustic furniture Item has three piece designs with tons of storage. Place in a corner or as a reception desk. Carved panels, rustic hardware, and one of a kind look found only at trusted furniture store.
Price: $1,699.00

Moreover, Tres Amigos Company is providing wonderful discount on several furniture products and if any one sign up as a fiesta member then additional discount is given to them.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


This is finest rustic wood furniture available in the market. This san Miguel range furniture product is really attractive and it has really great designs and constructed with 100% solid wood. The San Miguel king Headboard need no introduction. This line of furniture products needs no introduction as it finest piece of furniture.

San Miguel King Headboard

San Miguel Headboard

This headboard is fine and really impressive. It is really wonderful as it bring authenticity and attractive charm to any home. It is ideal products to store several important things.
Price: $1,070.00

San Miguel King Bed Set

San Miguel Bed Set     SAN MIGUEL KING BED SET

This San Miguel King Headboard and Foot board Bed Set is wonderful collection of rustic furniture. This line stands alone from the rest with matching pieces available for every room in the home.
Price: $2,330.00

San Miguel Queen Headboard


This is our newest line of furniture. This line stands alone from the rest with matching pieces available for every room in the home. It is lovely looking queen bed which can easily attract anybody.
Price: $999.00
Moreover, current well known rustic furniture company Tres Amigos provide excellent discount of the selected range of products which helps any one to buy expensive furniture products in a wide variety and different colors and styles.

Monday, February 2, 2015


Hardwood and Iron Rustic Dining Chair

Check Hardwood and Iron Rustic Dinning Chair. This selection of solid wood dining room furniture is hand-made from pieces of wood and totally pre-assembled. It is easy to find quality rustic dining room furniture. One trustable furniture store Tres Amigos recently offering huge discount on their selected products.

Dining Chair   Hard Wood Rustic Chair By TresAmigos

Hardwood and Iron Rustic dinning chair is really wonderful colored chair which is known for its durability and multicolored nature. Buy this wonderful rustic chair to add charge in the home.
Price: $276.00

Hardwood and Iron Rustic Dining Chair

Hardwood And Iron Rustic Dining Chair  Hard Wood And Iron Rustic Dining Chiar

This is a Solid hardwood dining chair and Spanish Tuscan look and feel with this handmade iron furniture. These chairs work wonderfully in any home really look glossy with any dining table. The furniture has such an attractive warm and reach colors.
Price: $251.00

Hardwood and Iron Rustic Bar Stool

Hardwood And Iron Rustic Bar Stool  Hard Wood And Iron Bar Stool By TresAmigos

This is very small but attractive wood chair available in the market.  It is wonderful product to add a really charm in any hotel or any restaurant as this is one of the easy to seat table. The colors of these tools are really warm and attractive.
Price: $199.00

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Rustic Pine Furniture | Most Suitable For Home And Office Spaces

Solid pine furniture is the best suited for all types of home and office spaces since they offer durability at affordable prices. You can also consider selecting painted pine furniture to enliven the spaces in children’s rooms.

This furniture is a favorite of many people considering that pine is a soft wood variety that isn't as expensive as some of the other hardwood varieties like oak, mahogany or teak. There are many examples of beautiful pine furniture that bring the beauty of the rustic countryside into your house.

Mansion Country Pine Nightstand

Pine Nightstand   

Heavy duty pine wood construction on this traditional design. It is great nightstand or side table. Use the drawer for TV remote and other odds and ends. This Item both to use either as a TV table or just home decor Item.
Price : $264.00

Marble and Pine Rustic Coffee Table- 2 Sided

Pine Coffee Table  

This two sided rustic drawers make this design a really favorite choice for any home. This furniture is made of wonderful marble inlay and solid wood construction.
Price : $625.00

Rustic Pine Side Table- 3 Drawers

Pine Sofa Table 

This is the wonderful rustic pine side table with three close drawers extra space also given to store miscellaneous thing. It is also called rustic sofa table or console table. It is ideal furniture as it allows student to store their bag and book and office accessories can easily store in this rustic end table.
Price : $499.00