Sunday, February 1, 2015

Rustic Pine Furniture | Most Suitable For Home And Office Spaces

Solid pine furniture is the best suited for all types of home and office spaces since they offer durability at affordable prices. You can also consider selecting painted pine furniture to enliven the spaces in children’s rooms.

This furniture is a favorite of many people considering that pine is a soft wood variety that isn't as expensive as some of the other hardwood varieties like oak, mahogany or teak. There are many examples of beautiful pine furniture that bring the beauty of the rustic countryside into your house.

Mansion Country Pine Nightstand

Pine Nightstand   

Heavy duty pine wood construction on this traditional design. It is great nightstand or side table. Use the drawer for TV remote and other odds and ends. This Item both to use either as a TV table or just home decor Item.
Price : $264.00

Marble and Pine Rustic Coffee Table- 2 Sided

Pine Coffee Table  

This two sided rustic drawers make this design a really favorite choice for any home. This furniture is made of wonderful marble inlay and solid wood construction.
Price : $625.00

Rustic Pine Side Table- 3 Drawers

Pine Sofa Table 

This is the wonderful rustic pine side table with three close drawers extra space also given to store miscellaneous thing. It is also called rustic sofa table or console table. It is ideal furniture as it allows student to store their bag and book and office accessories can easily store in this rustic end table.
Price : $499.00

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