Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Highly Acclaimed Rustic Wood Furniture Product

Rustic tables are known for its durability and there are many products are available which anybody trusts to place in their home as it is not authentic in look but, really durable.

Marble and Solid Wood Rustic End Table

Pine End Table 

This is one great traditional end table. This furniture Item is made of marble Inlay and really looks very attractive and charming. It is certainly wonderful work of art best suited beside TV or wall in any drawing room.
Price: $293.00

Vistas Nightstand

Vistas Nightstand   

This Vistas Nightstand is one of the fastest lines of furniture. The furniture is made of 100% solid wood construction. This rustic nightstand is a perfect accent to any Old World or Tuscan decor. It has many distinguish uses like telephone stand, bathroom storage and many more.
Price: $559.00

Recycled Pine Door Sofa Table

Pine door sofa table  

Recycled Pine Door Sofa Table with three drawers is one finest rustic Furniture Home Decor Item. This furniture is made with 100% solid pine wood construction. In the construction of this furniture no veneers are used. It is an Ideal rustic table for Southwest or Colonial decor design.
Price: $1,091.00

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