Monday, June 8, 2015

A Southwest Style Furniture is a great Choice for Home Decoration Far and Wide

Southwest furniture are pieces that feature the Mexican style. The distinctive features of the pattern are a product of the Spanish, Native American and Mexican influences.  The history goes back to the time when Spanish Carpinteros migrated to the Rio Grande Valley bringing with them simple tools and took on indigenous apprentices.
Southwest furnishings tend to be solid, with hand carving accents and constructed usually from local lumber. Much of the furnishing is actually made in Mexico. The items reflect the craftsman's skills yet retain the rugged appearance of the Southwest. One need not live in New Mexico or Arizona to enjoy the Southwest interior makeup. Each and every home could adapt to the casually elegant composition that derives its inspiration from nature and the Spanish settlers which populated the American Southwest during the 18th and 19th centuries.

The style has evolved in time. It takes textures and colors from the desert with Spanish and Mexican additions of textiles, ironwork and wooden carvings. The design follows the soft lines of traditional adobe houses, reflecting the relaxed, easy Southwestern life, a simple and affordable draft to achieve. The colors are those found in the American desert, including sand, rust, terracotta, bright red, mahogany brown, sky blue and cactus green. The colors are well-combined, with majority of the colors staying with rich, warm, neutrals and the brighter shades as accents. Some fine examples could include warm-hued walls with green, blue and red wall hangings and art work, terracotta floor tiles with brightly colored accent tiles in a border and textures of southwestern style interior model among others.

The furniture layout could range from unadorned, plain, plank tables to chairs with intricate carved backs and headboards. Pine is the wood of choice in the style, with lamps, iron tables and cabinet hardware as accents. The upholstery tends to be either loosely woven or leather fabrics, often in the Native American motif. Huge cabinets and chests are popular in the Southwestern style since the 19th century traditional homes did not have linen or built-in clothes. There are many dealers and manufacturing selling Southwest style furniture in physical locations as well as online. Although most of the designs could be used all over the home, there are some items which help make every room a true Southwestern haven.

A southwest design bedroom could contain furniture pieces like a wrought iron bed frame, slightly distressed or rustic dressers and side tables and warm faux-painted walls for a warm welcome and a peaceful ambiance. The kitchen in this design embraces many of the same attributes of the Tuscan style, like natural materials, warm colors and plenty of light to help create the feeling of the room. The living area could be a very welcoming space with plenty of texture and the inclusion of numerous brighter hues against a more neutral background. One could mix wood and leather with a lot of woven throws as well as colorful throw pillows for softening the area. The bathroom could be turned into a Southwestern retreat using lots of natural stone on floors and walls.
The southwest furniture is uniquely American and natural. It works well in any room in the house. For those who are not living in the Southwest, the furniture layout is a wonderful way of warming up a cold winter's day.

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