Thursday, September 24, 2015

How To Care For Solid Wood Furniture To Keep It Looking Like New And Well-Polished

Wood, particularly solid wood is valued in constructing furniture for its innate classic beauty, phenomenal durability and natural warmth. Wood furniture matches both traditional and contemporary styles. When looking for furniture for their homes, a lot of people arrive at one main decision and that is solid lumber furniture. With many materials available, a lot of people are left evaluating if the extra cost of wood is worth it. 
Solid Wood Furniture

It could not be denied that solid wood furniture looks beautiful and could bring a feel of quality and classic decor to any home. Well-made, solid furniture is amazingly durable and is designed to last for generation to generation. It could withstand daily wear and tear and usually needs little maintenance. Nevertheless, durability also comes with weight, so for those who move often solid lumber furnishing could be harder to maneuver. Through the generations if a solid wood piece does begin showing its age, it could be restored beautifully. Due to its durability, solid lumber could be refinished. 

Tres Amigos has some of the finest and highest quality solid wood furniture range. There are so many choices that complete the look of a home, including living room furnishings, dining tables, chairs and a whole lot more. The furniture manufacturing company uses ethical sources for their materials. Their solid lumber are sourced from replenishing forests and manufactured in a manner that is more natural. 

Protection and prevention is better than cure, thus one should exercise proper care when it comes to this kind of furnishing. It is important to keep it away from radiators and heaters. This is because wood has a considerable amount of water and when it dries out, it could shrink and crack. Under normal conditions, the lumber exchanges moisture with the air, shrinking and expanding continually as it loses and gains moisture. It will not be able to do this when place near a heat source. 

The material prefers an environment that has constant humidity and it's best to maintain the home between twenty-five to thirty-five relative humidity. This isn't possible in most homes without humidity control. However, keeping it away from heat sources and from direct sunlight could help. Protect wood surfaces with felt-bottomed coasters or other kind of protection from alcoholic drinks and hot cups. Never put hot items directly on a wooden table and keep substances like varnish remover, nail varnish, aftershaves and perfumes away from the furnishing since these contain alcohols and solvents. 

  1. Dust the piece regularly in the grain's direction using a soft cloth to avoid scratches. Use an old credit card or a similar object to scrape away dried contaminants like old food. 
  2. Never use all-purpose cleaning sprays unless the piece has a plastic coating, like the kind used in children's furniture and kitchen tables. 
  3. Always dust using a polish moistened cloth. The polish will cushion the cloth, eliminating scratching that happens with dry dusting. Dust would scratch the surface if not properly removed. 
  4. Usually people avoid cleaning lumber with water. Nevertheless, sticky spots may have to be treated with soap and water. The trick is to dip the cloth in mild detergent or soap in water, wring it almost dry and wipe the surface. Rinse and dry with a soft, clean cloth immediately.

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