Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Rustic Bedding Sets And Furniture Complete The Rustic Look And Feel Of A Bedroom

Rustic bedding and furniture give a new style of decorating a bedroom. Solid wood furniture is made by hand with the finest craftsmanship only found in Mexico. It is difficult to find a better collection of quality rustic bed sets, than those originally crafted by Mexican artisans. The rustic bedding and furniture sets compliment a lot of styles and tastes such as Rustic, Tuscan, Spanish colonial, country and southwestern furniture. Rustic bed furniture and accessories come with various ideas and designs, bringing more life to the interior design due to the strong character of the furniture sets. It is not just from the master bed frame, but other elements in one set. 
Rustic Bedroom Furniture

Make a dream bedroom by arranging rustic bedroom furniture in terms of Rustic queen size, king size, and dresser with mirror, rustic night stand, wood headboards, TV stand and more. The perfect room would be one with a stone fireplace and wood beams and probably made of reclaimed materials. The tremendous selection of designs and styles of solid wood bedroom furniture provides charm and new world needs which have been blended to bring some of the most beautiful provincial bedroom furnishings that compliment a lot of tastes. 

There is no better way to make rustic bedroom decorating feel and look warm than by throwing fur pillows, fur blanket or a fur rug. For those who do not like real fur, there are numerous faux fur fabrics available that really look real. The use of fur makes a big difference to the room's ambiance. It will instantly make the room look more warm and welcoming. Country textiles are perfect for a rustic bedroom. These include cow-boy themed or western style fabrics or checkers for table cloths, curtains and chair cushions. There are instances in parochial decor, not all has to always match and be color-coordinated. One could use the imagination and decorate with things one loves, rather than always paying attention to what would match and what would not. 

Anyone could make a quick decor out of vintage items that may appear like junk, but could be provided a new life when hung from the ceiling. Wrought iron decorations, vintage planes, marionettes and even worn-in pots and pans make for wonderful rustic decor accessories. The bedroom could be mixed with contemporary details and traditional furnishings that take inspiration from a Japanese garden. Some pieces such as the bed, headboards, night stands, dresser with mirror, TV stand and more are vintage or antique. Most are original recycled products and others made from reclaimed lumber. 

The bed, whether king or queen size is the largest furnishing item in the room, so that it is clear of the main path of traffic. It draws the eyes of the visitors towards it and is considered the most important piece. That is why it is important to organize all the other pieces, like nightstands, TV stands and dressers should be around this focal point. Put wall hangings, lamps and other smaller items around the bedroom strategically at even distances from the big objects. Keep in mind to always attempt to balance the room. For instance, when placing a picture on one wall, put another on the opposite wall that is of the same size of the picture on the other wall.

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