Friday, October 30, 2015

Charming, Old World Furniture Truly Makes Beautiful Addition To Any Home Setting

Ageless designs blend the beauty of the Old World elements with contemporary styles. Hand painted and hand distressed, old world furniture pieces make truly beautiful additions in any home setting. The unique styles reflect the European architecture. Old world furniture and decor brings an antiquated, distinct charm to the home. Moreover, sculptures, tapestries, area rugs and artwork bring a medieval flair to any dwelling and complete the old world theme.
Old World Furniture

In the old world style, whether drawing inspiration from the Black Forest castles or from the Italian palaces, the old world decorating style exudes an ornamental presence. Old world decor strikes an interesting balance between fashionable and antiquated. In modern homes, integrating old world pieces or antiques into the interior needs more consideration to be able to create a scheme which blends the old and new. The styles encompass influences from the French country, Tuscan and Mediterranean furniture and the European styles. The simple clean lines of modern homes greatly contrast with the character of old world furniture.

The style is mixed breed, drawing form the design conventions which spanned the 16th and 17th century Europe. The influences come from various places, including the Mediterranean coasts of Italy and Spain, the French countryside and other periods, such as the Renaissance and the Medieval times. Wherever it may be rooted, the style always calls to mind a sense of stately air and antiquity of centuries gone by. The style offers an unusual interplay between formality and warmth. The furniture pieces are comfortably worn but regal and rooms will feel grand yet homey. The old world home interiors give an illusion of time travel and provide a home with a European grace that is irresistible.

The unique furnishings may be finished by hand, painted by hand and hand distressed, using handcrafted forged iron hardware. The palette of the furnishings looks as if it has been pulled straight from a Rembrandt painting. Typical hues include dark blues and greens, murky browns and deep burgundies dominate, lightened by ivory and cream and grounded by black. The trademark of the ancient time is a comfortable and relaxed look with an ambiance of old Europe. It is welcoming and could be created in any home via the use of texture, color and material.

In the design, the key is to use as much natural materials as possible. The materials include natural stone, woods and metal work. The elements could be used throughout the interior or a home with stone floors, heavy wooden kitchen cabinets and wrought iron curtain rods. One may also include different colors and species of every material to add additional depth. Copper can be combined with iron, and limestone and granite could go together.

The furniture style is freestanding. Consider slightly-rustic, heavy and rough-hewn furniture items. Some of the best choices are chairs and couches with wooden frames and cushions that are done in textured fabrics and rich colors. All these create a lived in, yet formal look that is inviting people to come and sit for a while. 

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